Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

In addition to the advice work Maarten Oostenbrink Consultancy offers trainings and sessions Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. 


What is mindfulness

Many of our judgements, activities and actions happen on autopilot. Because of that we can be less aware of our intentions and actions. Mindfulness teaches us to look at something without judgement. This can help us in being more aware of our actions, emotions and thoughts and as a concequence help us in our decisionmaking.

The training Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) combines modern psychological insights with different kinds of attention excercises. The MBSR training has nothing to do with any religious practice and has very practical applications. Scientific research has shown that people experience the mindfulness training as very positive. 


Effects of mindfulness

Many modern scientific research has shown that practising mindfulness helps in:

  • becoming less stressed
  • getting more awareness of what is going on in your own body and mind 
  • making better decisions
  • breaking autopilot thinking and behavior
  • getting more awareness of the impact of ones behavior on others


The training

The MBSR training consists of  8 weekly sessions of roundabout 2 hours. As a follow up to the training it's possible to organize weekly mindfulness sessions.



In 2013 I (Maarten Oostenbrink) followed the MBSR training for the first time. After that mindfulness became a fixed part of my daily routine. After my first MBSR course I followed several additional mindfulness trainings. In 2019 I started a 2 year post-graduate education at the Center for Mindfulness on the Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, to become a certified mindfulness trainer. 

Target groups

The trainings are intented for employees active in middle and higher management. I work with individuals and in small groups of maximum 15 participants. The training can be given on any location.


Please contact for more information: Maarten Oostenbrink, telephone +31 6 515 33 741, info@maartenoostenbrinkadvies.nl


In special cases for individuals, small care organizations, social institutions and volunteer organizations we give the trainings at a reduced rate.