Maarten Oostenbrink Consultancy

Maarten Oostenbrink Consultancy is an advisory business located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, focused on supporting existing and start-up companies, that want to change or grow faster and that could use help from experienced professionals. We help both commercial and non-profit organizations in the Netherlands and abroad (Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East).


We Work For

We work mainly for small en medium sized enterprises, family businesses, start- and scale-ups and healthcare organizations.


Our Expertise

  • practicle advice and implementation of a stable and balanced governance for small and medium sized organizations in the Netherland
  • development of innovation strategy
  • development of sales and marketing strategy
  • development and practicle assistance of investment strategy
  • business management and entrepreneurship
  • reorganizations
  • ICT/IT implementations
  • recruitment and remuneration


Please contact us for more information: Maarten Oostenbrink, telephone +31 6 515 33 741,